The NO MARKETING organisation

The NO MARKETING organisation is a business venture that differs essentially from others.

It differs apparently, for instance, in its motivation in the truthful values, its behaviour, in its effectiveness and its goals.

Motivation: our motivation is the love to human people

Motivation in our world is mostly based on the feeling of fear.
A lot of people are afraid for their existence, afraid to loose their jobs, they fear the possible consequences of their boss and are afraid of rivalry. Motivation, which nudges people to further achievements or actions, is often enshrined in the feeling of fear.

Apart from the motivator “fear”, there is one further possible motivator which serves us human beings as a mover.
We have decided that our motivation is exactly based on this feeling: the feeling of love. Nowadays, most people sense this motivation (if at all) only in the relation with their children, their parents or their partners, but not at all with their work.
Our relation is deeply rooted in the love to human beings in general and particularly in the love to people in need: concretely in our case, these are the children who suffer from hunger.
In today’s world of economy companies and their achievements are valued with the help of various indexes. These indexes are then broken down to judge the achievements of the members of staff. Often, these indexes value present conditions and achievements, defined in beforehand as short-term goals.

Unfortunately, there are enough negative examples.
In public finance, for example, the effects are the most obvious. Investment bankers, motivated by bonuses connected to indexes, were awarded for the achievement short-term made goals; a fact that is from today’s point of view very much questionable. They managed it to speculate and loose the savings of many fellow human beings and to earn, at the same time, an immense amount of money. This represents a paradox which can be derived from the existence of indexes from today’s economy world. There are, unfortunately, a lot of negative examples of this kind.

We do not need those kinds of indexes, for every child, we help, we consider as a success and a motivation to continue.
(“Those who save a human being, save the whole world!” – Jewish proverb)


Nowadays, most companies have defined values they want to gear to.
However, in most cases, this is not more than the written word and miles away from the truly lived values. Our values or to put it in better words, our virtues (we seek), should not be a mundane decoration for our business venture, but more the base for all our decisions and the guidelines for our acting.

The NO MARKETING values/virtues are:

  • justice
  • sincerity
  • courage
  • moderation
  • prudence/wisdom
  • diligence

Justice (the pursuit of justice or, in fact, the ethical duty to do good)

The virtue of the pursuit of justice led to the NO MARKETING idea and the will to a fairer world order came to life in us. A fair distribution of food should be at least guaranteed.
The pursuit of justice of all our partners and supporters we owe all the support, we have got on our way so far. We, from NO MARKETING; expect from ourselves that we will be led by the virtue of the pursuit of justice.
This is because we try to always keep the ethical duty to do good even beyond our business venture.

Inside of our business venture we pursue a fair distribution of duties that means that everyone should fulfil one’s duty consciously. The duties are appropriate to the abilities of each and everyone. For the fulfilment of every duty everyone should receive an adequate and fair income to be able to maintain one’s existence deservedly.
Furthermore, justice commits us to provide our customers with a more than fair service to an appropriate price. As a matter of course, that this relationship is a fair giving and taking. Mutual satisfaction is the key.

(Mahatma Gandhi: “A person cannot do right in one department whilst attempting to do wrong on another department. Life is one indivisible whole.”)

Sincerity (honesty, truth, transparency)

The overreaching consumer behaviour in the last decades, the increasing tendency of many people to make dependent their self-consciousness (exclusively) from products and services leads – as a few scientists, sociologists and psychologists have already defined it – to a new illness, the “exuberance malady”.

Symptoms of this malady are depths, an overproduction of goods and an enormous amount of litter.

Advertising suggests us people what we need for our happiness, whereat constantly new needs are created (artificially). The creation of these new needs is for most companies the basis for their further development and their growth.
We decided to renounce advertising and promise not to create any new, additional (artificial) needs for human beings.

With respect to this fact, our “NO MARKETING – concept”, which is based on the fact that we use our financial means for the fight against world hunger, the virtue of sincerity commits us to disclose our turnovers and the amount of money we use against world hunger. That is why we can be controlled by everyone as far as our promise is concerned.

Pursuing the virtue of honesty, we would like to take the possibility now to emphasize that, even if we are a non-typical business venture, we are not a classical humanitarian organisation.
We from NO MARKETING are no unsalaried clerks meaning that we get an income with which we can ensure our existence.
We are also aware of the fact that there will be definitely some who perhaps accusing us “to profit from the suffering of other people”. As already mentioned before, we cannot afford it to act voluntarily. We depend from our income to ensure our existence.
If people accuse us then to use the entire budget in the fight against world hunger instead of spending it for advertising, we do not let us influence by that.
One further criterion which distinguishes us from other business ventures is that we do not know the term of “competition”. Imitators of our concept are very welcome to us. We even wish that many business ventures will follow our example.
We also expect sincerity among the members of NO MARKETING. We are all just human and each of us does and will also make mistakes in the future. It is only important that we accept them and that we communicate them explicitly and transparently.

(Charles Baudelaire: “Absolute sincerity is the way to originality”).
(Thomas Mann:”A harmful truth is better than a useful lie”).


Since Plato, courage has belonged to the four cardinal virtues. Aristotle defines courage as the centre between “daredevilry” and “cowardice”. We try to never leave this path of the “golden middle”.

We from NO MARKETING and indeed every one of us are responsible for their field.

To master their task successfully, they need courage to also follow new paths. This requires the courage and the risk to eventually also make mistakes.
Most people have lost their courage in the course of their life. Without this ability it is however difficult to continue to develop oneself any further and difficult to learn. However, this approach to learn is contrary to the way we were taught to learn.

This already began back in school. On the one hand we were taught to avoid making mistakes because their result was bad marks. On the other hand we learned in school that the teacher is the absolute “authority of knowledge” who has answers to all questions. Later it is our boss who very well knows what to do. As a result, one thing is certain: one’s own creativity and development is not demanded. Mostly people only do what and particularly how it is expected from them.

Is this way of learning and development natural?

Did people teach us in our childhood how to go?

Or ho did we learn to ride a bike?

We just tried it bravely, learned from our mistakes and thus acquired new abilities.

(Democritus: “Bravery is the beginning of all actions – in the end will be luck.”)

Moderation (degree, temperance)

The virtue of moderation helps us to be well-grounded. As already mentioned we are aware of the fact that we do not have the main part in our concept. The concept only works thanks to our customers and partners and thanks to all the people who support our concept.

Moderation helped us to remain distant from the classical, economical structure of organisation, the hierarchy. Because of our loyalty to the virtue of moderation, we had to give up the idea that someone stands over another member in a line organisation (hierarchically seen) and stands, because of the structure of the organisation, higher-ranked and thus must be superior. Nobody shall be higher-ranked or superior to another member in the NO MARKETING organisation.

The structure of our organisation is not pyramidal but rather a horizontally formed net of members of staff of equal terms. They are all on the same level.

Nobody has a special status which is mostly defined and conferred by the position/function within the enterprise in the business world.

That is why we have decided to renounce classical functions and titles.

Greed, the overreaching pursuit, the wish to get more and more, is one of the biggest reasons for the mostly negative conditions and developments in today’s world. The virtue of moderation shall help us to counter greed successfully.

(Epicurus: “Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little.”)

Prudence (wisdom)

According to a definition, prudence is the ability to act appropriately. With respect to this view, prudence has the intention to attain the good, beneficial and appropriate. On the other hand, it is clearly distinguished from sharpness, malice and shiftiness.

Indeed, the latter ones work with the same means but have only one practical benefit or a personal advantage as a goal.

The virtue of prudence commits us to the highest knowledge and to the highest competence in the fields in which we operate.

This desire is a continuous process in which we aim for a constant improvement.
We wish to educate ourselves as a organisation which includes the other way of learning which we already mentioned.

At the same time, we from NO MARKETING have the will to continue the development as individuals. Thereby we would like to accept any hones support which is available.

One of the goals of the NO MARKETING organisation is the promotion and further development of every single member.


According to a definition, diligence is a secondary virtue, subordinated to the direct virtues, as it has ethically no meaning as long as it is not considered as a realisation of the primary virtues.
However, diligence, this kind of working and learning persistency, for example also in science, is also necessary when it is not “replaceable” by intelligence alone in any way.

That is why diligence is, for us and for our organisation, an important factor for our further development and our progress. We cannot reach our goals without diligence. Diligence is therefore absolutely necessary for the realisation of our concept and its existence and further development.

Diligence commits us always “to do our best”, because as soon as we have given our best, we cannot blame us for anything.

(“A diligent mill-wheel cannot freeze” – Japanese quote)

Who are we and what do we want to achieve?

It is our goal to defeat world hunger together with like-minded people and organisations.

We would like to prove that we can successfully exist in today’s world of lived moral values and ethical virtues and thus can influence a better tomorrow for us all. Our desire is the satisfaction of all members of the NO MARKETING concept (NO MARKETING partners, supporters and godparents and the ideal functioning of the platform needed for it. Our unique motivation and the absolute will to live our values and virtues guarantee this success.)