How we help

As already described in the NO MARKETING concept, we renounce advertising expenses and instead of that, use these financial means for the fight against world hunger.
We have chosen two alternatives! On the one hand, these are child sponsorships and on the other hand, we support a nutrition project in Latin America.

Child Sponsorship

A sponsorship helps in three ways - the godchild, his or her family and the region in which he or her lives. With this respect, the children are able to grow up in their familiar environment and gets, apart from enough food, education and medical treatment. As the isolated support of individual children does not make any sense, their brothers and sisters and their parents also benefit from this help. Ruinous houses are for example repaired, new wells are built and the supply with potable water is ensured.

Our partner aid organisations

We work in cooperation with aid organisations, namely World Vision and Plan International. We have chosen these organisations as their work stands for the highest amount of transparency and efficiency. This becomes clear as they both have already received the seal of approval and the transparency award.

We publish the annual turnover and the donated amount as soon as we get the annual financial statement.